Wednesday, November 23, 2016

WEEK 67 Eureka, McKinleyville Ward & Humboldt YSA Ward  

Family and Friends, 

After five straight days of walking in soaking wet dress shoes and seemingly endless amounts of rain - I'm starting to get used to this 'northern Californian type of living'. We didn't exactly have the most comfortable of circumstances, but it definitely turned out to be another blessed week up here in the promise land of McKinleyville, Eureka. I am so grateful for all the progress that our area made. The Lord certainly has watched over us a great deal and has manifested himself in a numerous amount of ways. 

As immensely successful as our week was and the bounteous blessings we saw as a result of continuing in pushing ourselves, the greatest blessing that I received was a Zone Conference we had here with our Mission President and his sweet wife on Tuesday. I don't even have words to do justice the amount of influence and impact that they've made upon the missionaries in this mission. Aside from the obvious statistical and spiritual change, growth, and development that this mission has made (as a whole) - I was personally beyond grateful for their inspiring words this past week. 

Sister Wright presented such a thought evoking and deeply profound section on a chapter in the New Testament that I wish to share with you today. The story of the 'woman at the well' [John 4:5-29] took the main theme of what she shared with us, but there were some stark correlations that she made with the often times very serious and detrimental effects hydration and dehydration has in our lives. It made me realize how greatly and how fully we rely on the amount of daily water we intake. We are so completely dependent and reliant upon this life sustaining object and to such a great depth that without it - over time, we are nothing. 

As we parallel this to the Savior and the words he spoke in this particular story, we see some pretty amazing things. 
14: "But whosoever drinketh of the water that I shall give him shall never thirst; but the water that I shall give him shall be in him a well of water springing up into everlasting life." 

I like to think of the importance and distinct relevance that this plays into our lives. As water is a necessity for physical health and wellness - Jesus Christ is just as essential and needed for spiritual vitality and wellness. His power, glory, and exceedingly great amounts of love provide us with exquisite amounts of blessings and opportunities in this life. How cool is that?! With Jesus Christ and the spiritual strength and blessings He provides, we will athirst no more. We will need no more. We will be never in danger of spiritual dehydration. He promises us a "well of water sprinting up into everlasting life". What could be a better promise than that? 

For Jesus Christ and the essential 'living water' role He plays in my life - I'm extensively gladdened. I know He lives. I know His power is beyond our mortal comprehension. The definite participant He is in our lives is such a blessing and I confirm the divinity behind His words. He will provide us with spiritual hydration and constant spiritual health. This is His promise. For I have taken it to the test, and have drastically benefitted from all He provides. 

I love my Savior. I love my mission. I know there isn't a better place I could be. 

Until next week. 

-Elder Schaefer

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