Wednesday, November 23, 2016

WEEK 68 Eureka, McKinleyville Ward & Humboldt YSA Ward  

Family and Friends, 

Because this was unquestionably one of the happiest weeks of my mission, I only wish to express how deeply grateful I am for what has gone on. I couldn't be more content with where I am right now in my life and the privilege it is to wake up every morning as a missionary for The Lord. Never in a million years would I ever have guessed that my mission could be this wonderful. I fully have come to the understanding and have grasped how important this work is that I'm currently engaged in. This week provided for a lot of sweet and tender experiences in which I was able to testify of a living Savior and I don't think I've ever been so happy in my life. 

I have never felt so lucky to be talking to people and telling people about a literal, living Son of God and Redeemer. There is nothing that I have experienced thus far in my life that brings more power and an overwhelming feeling of strength - as much as bearing the witness I have of Jesus Christ. No workout program. No Football game. No song or album. Simply, there is nothing that could ever compare to it.

I declare my witness of Jesus Christ. I know He lives. There is not a thing, person, or idea that would change my belief in this regard. I love His message. I love His mission -that is currently my mission. Through my journeys, my sufferings, my sorrows, my afflictions, my ups, and my downs - I am nonetheless undoubtedly filled with incomprehensible joy. [Alma 28:8]

Take good care of the people around you. Be as He would be. GodSpeed.

-Elder Schaefer

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