Wednesday, November 23, 2016

WEEK 70 Eureka, McKinleyville Ward & Humboldt YSA Ward 
Family and Friends,

As last Monday happened to be Halloween and the following morning was Transfer Day - there wasn't a minute of time that permitted me to write a weekly email and send it out to you all. Elder Adamson and I had quite a bit of traveling information we had to work out for the missionaries in our Zone, but also had to make the long trek down to Santa Rosa ourselves on Monday night. All in all, it worked out extremely well, I just apologize I didn't get to update you on all that has been going on recently. 

There hasn't really been the 'normal amount' of overwhelming work these past couple weeks and it's most definitely kept us on our toes. We've really had to dig deep with ideas of ways to alter our missionary efforts. In expectations that we would yield some sorts of successes with our investigators, we had to turn to something greater than ourselves. I ended up praying a lot for inspiration from on high as to the places God would have us be and the things He would have us be doing. As per normality and the very nature of God, He never left us wondering, questioning, or lost. 

Late Thursday night, we found ourselves in a bind with an awkward amount of time between two of our lessons. Without due thought or much consideration - we jumped at the opportunity to see a family in the area book that hadn't been seen for quite some time. We made haste over to their home in hopes to see them for a quick minute and potentially schedule a return appointment. Oh boy were we wrong when we set our sights upon that. This family invited us in without hesitation and explained to us that they hadn't been seen by missionaries in close to three years. Unfortunately they'd recently gone through some tremendous amounts of heartache and difficulty. As a family, they had decided to make it a point to pray each night for some relief and help from God. The next day, two young guys in white shirts and ties showed up knocking on their door. One of the most spiritual lessons I've had on my mission took place in the Timm families home that night. 

Our most promising investigators--Tessa and Frank--have been overloaded these last couple weeks with work and extracurricular activities. We haven't even had the smallest bit of time to meet with them and catch up. Satan must be workin' pretty hard and doing whatever he can to get them away from us because it almost seems there is always a road block or obstacle to climb over. We prayed and fasted yesterday for them specifically and look forward to what Heavenly Father prepares for us this next week.

One of our 'sort of investigators' or 'sort of has a crush on my companion... investigators' has been meeting us for lunch weekly at local restaurants and we've been talking with her extensively regarding her divine role as a daughter of God. The entirety of her family are members of the church, but she has such a hard time with the level of commitment it takes to becoming a member of the church. As much as our lunch appointments have seemed to be going nowhere - she continues to bring friends along with her. It's been so cool to have Gospel conversations with these 17 year old girls regarding God and their beliefs. Elder Adamson and I have been able to answer a lot of their questions and teach them about the Gospel. I'm so thankful for these small and simple means provided for us to teach and for others to feel the spirit. It may not be something dramatically large or a great manifestation of conversion through these girls, but it certainly provides for the plain truths of the gospel to be planted into their hearts. #ElderAdamsonFoundHisWife 

One of the greatest lessons I learned this week and probably the thing I appreciated most, was the deeper capacity and depth I've been enabled with to love and appreciate others more fully. I feel that as of late, Heavenly Father has opened my heart to a lot of people. I feel a genuine care for the people I am surrounded with. I feel that a lot of my personal concerns are no longer in the picture, but rather the gain and benefit of those whom we serve. I feel so gladdened with such a privilege of helping and strengthening others. 

My mission is the best mission. There's nothing out there like it. 

"Do some good work this week". I love you guys. See you soon. 

-Elder Schaefer

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