Thursday, August 4, 2016

WEEK 57 SAN RAFAEL  2nd Ward-

Family and Friends,

Having come off a rough week and not seeing much success because of
the complacency my companion and I have recently had - you could say
that there was a bit of a chip on our shoulder concerning some drastic
changes we wanted to see in our area. With almost anything and
everything you could possibly imagine weighing against us, we made do
with the situations that presented themselves and went to work. No
miles on the car and only bikes to ride, an extraordinary amount of
drama going on in the Ward with us being left to mend the hurt
feelings, and, having to give guidance to those that asked for their
names to be completely removed from the church... Clearly, Satan did
not want Elder Cawley and I doing all that we did. Thankfully,
Heavenly Father had different plans for us. We had the most successful
week that I've had in my whole entire mission.

Wonderful opportunities and blessings from The Lord came in many
shapes and sizes this week as we labored diligently and to the best of
our ability. There wasn't a night we came home in which we weren't
completely exhausted and quite frankly there wasn't a morning that we
woke up in which we weren't still, completely and utterly exhausted.
Yet, despite the tired minds, hearts, and bodies, The Lord carried us.
There were multiple times throughout this week that I felt myself
receive sudden bursts of increased spirit, charisma, and motivation to
just try to see a couple more people. I felt The Lord guide my words,
thoughts and actions as he placed us in homes, apartments, and street
side conversations that were divinely inspired and absolutely
necessitated by those whom we paid our visits to. I felt the
importance and actual heavenly power that comes with this sacred
calling that The Lord has entitled me with in serving as a missionary
for the church, but also being a literal conduit of the spirit for the
people here in California. I have never been so thankful to be taking
part in helping others come nearer to God, because I decided to give
ALL of what Heavenly Father has asked of me.

At church this Sunday, nine people in total showed up for sacrament
meeting. Let me repeat myself. Nine. NINE. Less Active members that
we've been working with, investigators of the church that we've been
working with, and completely inactive members of the church that we've
been working with - all decided to show up for church after the
spiritual visits we paid them this week. I was entirely amazed at
how touched people were with our meetings and discussions. The spirit
of The Lord had worked on them so greatly, and motivated them so
greatly, they decided to show up for (what we know to be) the most
important hour in their whole week. As we left the church building
that day, I was filled with so much compassion and gratitude for the
miracles that Heavenly Father had blessed us with and His assistance
in all that we did. In no way could Elder Cawley and I have done this
on our own. I know He was there with us each step of the way as we
realigned our efforts to what He would have us be doing.

I know God lives. This is His work. I am a witness of the truthfulness
of this church and the Gospel that Christ taught while He was on the
earth. I know this to be true. I feel it in my heart, just as much as
I've seen it with my eyes. I am blessed and privileged with the
opportunity of sharing and enlightening people to this humble message
each day.

I'd invite you this week to think about a couple ways you could better
serve The Lord. I'd invite you to think about how you could
potentially brighten someone's day, make someone smile, or share a
genuine gesture of gratitude. I promise and testify that if you do,
Heavenly Father will unfold marvelous things before your eyes, as He
did for us this past week. This is an eternal truth. [Mosiah 2:18]

I love you all. I hope you partake and come to enjoy the Gospel of
Jesus Christ as I have. It is the best thing that has ever happened to

I'll see you soon. GodSpeed.

-Elder Schaefer

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