Thursday, August 4, 2016

WEEK 56 SAN RAFAEL  2nd Ward-

Family and Friends,

Different. This week was one of the more random and unusual weeks that
I've had on my mission. It varied from extraordinary service
opportunities in ridiculous amounts of sun, a slight case of bed bugs,
a wonderful baptismal service, & an extensive amount of apparent
"miscommunications" between us and investigators. Looking back on it
all, there were some wonderful things that happened, but there was a
lot more that could've potentially happened as well.

The work in our area has plateaued. I'm not going to lie and make up
grand email or make excuses as to what has happened, but Elder Cawley
and I did not had the sense of urgency we normally should have. Our
weekly planning session this week wasn't as good as it should've been
and it manifested itself in the amounts of success we had in our area.
In every way shape and form, I hate this feeling. I hate it, I hate
it, I hate it. I don't like having to look back on our week and feel
regrets for what I could've or should've done. I don't like knowing
that there was someone in San Rafael that needed us, and we weren't
there. It's frustrating to me and I feel that I let The Lord down. I
would almost compare it to the feeling of after a Friday Night
Football game and the awful silence that fills the air in the locker
room after a tough loss. It's the feeling of knowing you missed a
couple assignments, dropped a pass or two, missed an open field block,
or even fumbled the ball in a crucial time of the game. It's the
feeling of knowing that only a little more effort coming out of you
could've produced a lot more. It's knowing that because of these
small, minor and often times minute errors, the outcome of your team
greatly suffered and struggled.

I feel that this week was a learning experience for me (just like any
other week would be). I face some regret and disappointment in myself.
I face the reality of knowing that what I did cannot be undone. But,
because of a merciful God whom gives us second chances, I'm looking
forward to a clean slate and a fresh start this week. I promise to be
better. I have to be better. This "game" we're currently playing in,
is of much more importance to me than for me to be making foolish
mistakes as I did this past week.

I find great comfort and peace knowing that the Savior suffered for
me, and for my mistakes. For my short comings & for my errors. He
suffered and died so that I can have second chances. He died so that
when I slip-up, I can be forgiven. What a merciful, kind and loving
God we all have to give us means by which we can learn from situations
and experiences, but become better because of what has happened.

I hope and pray that we all continue to learn from our specific life
experiences. We aren't perfect. We are nowhere near it. Where we want
& need to be in this life, can only come from Jesus Christ. He truly
is "the way, the truth and the life". [John 14:6] I know this to be

I hope you all have an amazing week. "Be great and take care of the
people around you."

-Elder Schaefer

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