Monday, June 13, 2016

WEEK 50 SAN RAFAEL  2nd Ward-

1&2-Golden Gate Bridge
3&5-Elder Schaefer and Elder Everett
4-Elder Schaefer with a ward member

Family and Friends,

In spite of the recent events that took place this week, all I can
even think to say would be to share some of my knowledge in testifying
of how truly real God is. There isn't a better way to put it. He quite
literally took my companion and I by the hand, and put us exactly
where we needed to be and when we needed to be there. He opened my
eyes and added to my conviction of the enlightening power of the
scriptures. He caused a complete change in my heart and I'm thankful
for the strength I've received in the effort of trying to look more
outward rather than inward. I know that these things I've experienced
over this period of a short seven days are not only exclusive to me -
but are open to all those that have the desire to receive it.

We had interviews with President Wright this past Thursday and it was
quite honestly one of the best things that has ever happened to me.
President Wright has become such a powerful influence in my life as a
missionary and I'm so grateful for his loving council. I personally
don't know of a man that is more inspired and more in tune with the
spirit. It radiates from his very being and leaves you with such a
refreshed state of mind. We talked a lot about how the area was doing,
how I could personally be a better missionary, and the aspects of how
I can best fulfill my purpose while serving in this mission. I am more
than thankful that Heavenly Father designed my mission in such a way
that I get to serve along side such a wonderful Mission President and
his wife, for it is more than a privilege. I love them both so dearly.

While out working at the latter end of our week, Elder Cawley and I
found a new family, in which had been prepared by The Lord for us to
come and knock on their door. We had previously set out to contact
this family of six people, and in doing so, it took about 45 minutes
just to find the house. Upon arriving at the home and before heading
in, Elder Cawley and I prayed specifically to be able to start
teaching this family The Gospel. As we closed our prayer, and headed
to the front door, we were immediately greeted by a woman. She
welcomed us in and began to explain that earlier in that same day, she
was cleaning her home and found a Plan of Salvation pamphlet laying
around from some previous missionaries that had taught them 8 YEARS
ago. She picked up the pamphlet and began to start to read it. She
told us that she believed God had put us on her doorstep (only 30
minutes after this experience) purposely to come to teach her and her
family about Jesus Christ. She specifically asked that we give a
blessing to each and every one of her kids as well. This was such an
amazing experience as the room was filled with the spirit for each
blessing we gave. We plan to go and see this family again next

In this Ward, a bit different from any other Ward I've served in, one
of my all time favorite things takes place early on Saturday Mornings.
Church Ball. I had found out about this earlier in the week, and I
couldn't even contain myself. I was so excited. We had about fourteen
guys in total come out for Church Ball this past weekend and it was so
much fun. Men from our Ward that I've never seen before came out and
we had full, five on five basketball games going on from
7:00AM-9:30AM. Aside from the opportunity given to us to play
basketball, it provided as a great missionary tool in the aspect of
getting inactive members of our Ward actually in the church building
and interacting with our members. I'll forever be grateful for early
morning Church Ball.

Here's to another week in the good ol' CASRM. I don't ever want to
leave this place. My heart is here and never will it leave. I love my

I love you all. I'll see you soon. GodSpeed.

-Elder Schaefer