Tuesday, May 31, 2016

WEEK 49 SAN RAFAEL  2nd Ward

Family and Friends,

Wowwwwieeee. What a grand week this was. It wasn't one full of crazy
miracles, nor do I have an amazing story of divine, spiritual
experience. We basically just worked a whole ton and we walked even
more. What a blessing it has been to be "out and about" the San Rafael
area and interacting with the people that live here. We've been all
around the area from the trailer parks and apartment complexes and
even in the homes of multi millionaires. It would be well for me to
reiterate exactly what I said last week. We get a large amount of
diverse people in both the social, economical, political and cultural

Elder Cawley and I again worked a great amount with the less active
members of the Ward. I think I'm starting to understand and get a hold
of how to manage conversing with these people. I don't necessarily
always understand their negativity and wrong-proving personalities,
but I imagine this is some sort of the way that Alma the Younger felt
when Nehor was going around falsely identifying the Word of God. We
find that a lot here. Many a times have we come about people, started
a conversation with them, and have been led to provide some great
explanation as to how skewed the information about our church is.
We've really been working as a companionship on going back to the
fundamentals and teaching pure, simple doctrine. So far, it's been
more successful than trying to negotiate how people have been mislead
with information.

Inevitably, we don't have a ton of investigators in this area. We only
have about one investigator that seems to be progressing and really
actually want to progress. Elder Cawley seems to be really attached to
these "eternal investigators" we have, but we've been discussing some
potential ways of finding out if they're really ready for The Gospel
or not. We don't want to drop all of our investigators, but trying to
weed out those whom we regularly visit and they just "appreciate our
visits" are probably going to be more of "drop-bys" just to say hello
when we're in the area.

Along with the great amounts of finding efforts we strenuously took
part in this week, it meant that we didn't have a ton of lessons. It's
definitely been a hard adjustment coming from an area in which we were
teaching 2-3 lessons a day - to teaching maybe 5-6 per week. Service
definitely plays a great majority in our schedule, and a lot of it has
been really beneficial and gives us great opportunities for us to get
ourselves out into the community. I absolutely love going out and
helping those that are in need. It's such a fulfilling feeling and I
love the spirit that resides the remainder of our day upon finishing a
good long morning of service.

Finding more investigators is going to be the focus of this next week.
Faith, obedience, and work will hopefully pay dividends in this

The highlight of my week might seem a bit weird, but it was the
blessing and opportunity I had to speak this Sunday in Sacrament
Meeting. I was asked to talk on "The Parables of Christ" and exactly
why he uses parables to deliver powerful messages. I chose to expound
and share some of my thoughts on the Parable of the Sower. I can't
even begin to describe how overcome I was by the spirit, and how I
quite literally felt The Lord speaking through me in this talk. I
didn't really intently prepare and study for this talk, but The Lord
fulfilled his promise that we find in The Doctrine and Covenants. [D&C

For the blessing of the spirit, the love of God, and the knowledge of
this Restored Gospel - I am beyond grateful. I've found my treasure. I
know what matters most in this life and it is of great importance to
me. I love my mission.

I'll see you soon. Keep the faith. GodSpeed.

-Elder Schaefer

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