Wednesday, May 18, 2016

WEEK 47 Rohnert Park 3rd Ward-

Family and Friends,

Please forgive me for not writing a weekly email this last P-Day.
Elder Everett and I had a service opportunity to help a couple
non-member families with a big project they had previously designed
for us to assist them in. Upon deciding to forego all regular
preparation day activities, it meant that it also wasn't likely for us
to get the chance to write our emails home and talk with all of you.
Seeing that it has happened this way, I must apologize, but also share
a bit of the astounding week we had. As any other week goes - some bad
news, some good news, some sad news, and some happy news. I'll get
over all the heart wrenching stuff first and then end on a bit of a
happier note.

After having been in this Rohnert Park 3rd Ward for a long six months,
The Lord has seen it fit for me to be heading out and getting
transferred. I can't even begin to describe the overflow of emotions
that I felt when receiving this information. My heart burst with
sadness as I knew I would be leaving this--quite literal--"new found
family" of mine. This Ward and area has been my home for 1/4 of my
mission. I almost felt a bit cheated. I don't want to leave yet. I'm
not ready to leave these people! Soon after these negative feelings
glazed over me, I began to feel a bit different. I tried to think on
the contrary and about every blessing, lesson and development of
growth that came from the privilege of serving in this area. I began
to think about all the wonderful people I've been able to meet and
serve in these past couple transfers. I began to think about the
friendships and lifelong relationships I've built with some of the
missionaries I've been companions with. These people know who they
are. For these many tender mercies, I'll be forever thankful.

We had some slow, but great progress with our investigators this week
as The Lord provided us to share the gospel in many different aspects
of the work. Along with this, the most noticeable success we had, came
from the many people in attendance at our Ward Luau. My companion and
I really pushed hard this week to get people as many people out to
this. We've quite literally been planning this event for past couple
months now, and thankfully it turned out to be better than we ever
could've expected. More less active members showed up for this single
Luau than any other event that's been put on in the past year. It was
such a neat chance for Elder Everett and I to meet some new faces, but
also see some familiar faces that have been inactive for quite some
time. I firmly believe more good came out of this than we'll ever
fully understand. Thankfully, Elder Everett will be here another
transfer and will be updating me on all things going on.

It's been an eventful and extravagant amount of time here in this
area. I'm more than sad to go, but happy to one day return. I love
this work more than anything else in this world. The joy that it
brings to my heart is indescribable and I never want these feelings to
end. I know it's true. I know it can bless the lives of anyone that
applies the teachings of The Gospel. I can't wait to share this humble
message with the people of Marin County.

Until next week. GodSpeed.

-Elder Schaefer

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