Tuesday, April 19, 2016

WEEK 42 Rohnert Park 3rd Ward-

#1: Elder Everett and I on top of Brother Harumi's home cleaning out
some gutters. Tough, gross, but fun service! (Oh & yes. I am deathly
afraid of heights. This took some courage)
#2: The picture says it all.
#3: These California Sunsets starting to come back. Love it!
#4: Sweet Rachel cutting my hair. Again. She's my favorite.❤️ Oh & new
kicks too. #J'sOnMyFeet

Family and Friends,

I don't think I've ever been so tired in my life. Seriously. This week
was a true test of my physical and mental toughness. Back home, I was
very cemented in my beliefs and quite often entertained the thought
that High School Football was one of the hardest things I'd ever done.
One of the hardest things I would most likely ever do. One of the
times in which I would've been the most tired, sore, run down, beat,
and fatigued. How awakened I was and humbled to know that conditioning
in ninety five degree weather does not nearly surmount to pure and
true consecrated missionary work.

A great amount of conviction was added to my testimony that these two
years were not meant to be easy - "because Salvation is not a cheap
experience. Salvation never has been easy. How could we believe it
would be easy for us when it was never, ever easy for Him?" I don't
know of a better way to depict my feelings other than these powerful,
insightful words from Jeffrey R. Holland. Again, we were tired. We
were weary. But The Lord carried us and provided for us a great amount
this past week.

But first - Elder Everett. What a blessing. He is one of the greatest
companions I've ever had. We're working harder than I've ever worked
before. We're having amazing gospel conversations amongst one another
and building a relationship that I've never experienced with a
companion. We teach with such a power and authority that is unmatched
by any other companionship I've been in. Our efforts have been
completely and 100% unyieldingly devoted to The Lord and his work.
We've realigned our efforts and will - to conform to His. We've been
more than exactly obedient and sober in our mindset. And because of
these things - the work here in our area has increased ten fold. We
just scheduled a baptism with Molly for this coming Saturday. We
tentatively scheduled a baptism with Diane on Tuesday and committed
her to coming to the full three hours of church this past Sunday. We
just found a new family to teach and taught them the very first
lesson. They committed to praying about Joseph Smith and the
Restoration of The Gospel. Brianna and Sili are starting to become
re-activated and are showing signs of commitment. The Salgado family
has told us that they want to be baptized - but are just now needing
to be taught the lessons and meet the requirements in order to get
this underway. Without a doubt, we've been blessed immensely.

Scheduling this baptism for Molly has been more than a process within
and of itself. Due to legal complications with the Father, we've had
to make many phone calls with the Police Department in trying to get
permission for Molly to be baptized. A few strings had to be pulled,
but nonetheless - she's absolutely 100% clear to be baptized. Elder
Everett and I couldn't be more excited for this on Saturday.

With it being a new transfer, our mission was due for another Zone
Conference with President and Sister Wright. In attendance were the
San Rafael North & South Zone and the Santa Rosa North & South Zone.
What a grand experience this was in getting to see a bunch of past and
previous mission buddies. I was so happy to see each and every one of
them! Not to mention, we learned a ton regarding teaching methods that
we can better work on as missionaries. I love the council and
direction that both President and Sister Wright offered. I look
forward to applying and working with the things that The Spirit taught
me in this wonderful conference.

Having the most exciting news at the end, I must conclude with the
major blessing it will be to have Elder Bednar addressing our whole
mission this coming Saturday. Absolutely a once in a lifetime
experience. I can't wait to see what he will share with us.  Hopefully
my hand will be able to write quickly enough to record everything he
says. ;)

Until next week. I love you all. GodSpeed.

-Elder Schaefer

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