Thursday, April 7, 2016

WEEK 39 Rohnert Park 3rd Ward/Rohnert Park Spanish Branch-  

Family and Friends,

Yet another seven days passes us and I find myself writing home again.
Normally I'm so very excited to share my experiences with all of you,
but in being truthful, we did very little from the last time I wrote
home. Not much happened this week and there's not a lot to tell you
about. There's been a standard that has developed over this past
transfer within the companionship and its one of much laziness. It's
been a constant uphill battle trying to get my companions to go out
and teach. Thankfully, we've found common ground in wanting to help
and provide service for the members in our Ward, but that's just about
it. This is essentially what we did all week. We worked at Brother and
Sister Rays farm. And when I say we worked - we worked.

With Easter having been this past weekend, Sister Ray had planned to
put on an Easter Egg Hunt for all the children in the San Rafael
Stake. Fortunately, there was TONS of work to be done on the farm in
preparation for this big event. From cutting grass, to scooping poop,
to moving rocks, to shoveling dirt, to planting flowers, and cleaning
the houses - it's safe to say that we were looking at about 4-5 hours
of service per day. I couldn't have been more proud of what we had
done once the yard was cleaned up. Now, being sunburnt wasn't my most
favorite thing in the world, but seeing the yard look as great as it
did after four long days... It was such a great feeling. Not to
mention, the event went wonderfully. Elder Perez, Elder Torres and I
were asked to cook meat on the grill so that was super fun for us! We
had a blast seeing the outcome and success of this Easter Egg Hunt.
What a sweet couple of days this was.

Some constant thoughts that ran through my mind during this past week
were coming from a couple verses that I read one morning during
personal study. In D&C 18:10-15, (specifically verse 15) it talks
about how we as humans may labor our whole lives and as a result - we
might only bring one soul unto Christ. But, we know that "great will
be our joy" if we are indeed successful in this effort. As more and
more thoughts came about, I started to think about how different
things would be if I changed roles and put myself in the position of
being that "one person" whose soul was starting to be converted unto
Christ. I put myself in our investigators shoes and tried to look at
this whole situation in a new light. With the knowledge, joy and
happiness that I have now as a member of The Lords church, I cannot
begin to describe how badly I would want this blessing in my life if I
didn't have it.

If I was living in the pre-existence and knew who "my missionaries"
would be, I would have spent eons begging and pleading at their feet
to come to this earth and labor with all their might to find me. If I
was in heaven when this person came to earth, watching them start
their life, I would have whooped, hollered, cheered and encouraged
them for every good choice they made, regardless of whether they could
hear me or not, because my salvation was riding on it. On that
person’s mission I would want them to tract 1000 doors a day, talk to
EVERYONE, never sleep-in or stay up late, do effective studies, and
not be lazy in any way, shape, or form. I would be praying that they
would work so incredibly hard their entire mission just so that I
would have the greater chance of coming in contact with these
missionaries and being given the opportunity to accept the gospel.

I think that as a missionary I lose sight of this sometimes. I don't
realize what I have and how important it truly is. I have come to feel
that I MUST labor for the entirety of my mission to find that person
who's salvation is at risk. To find that person who's looking for
something better than themselves. To find that person, who in the
pre-existence, might have plead, begged, and is now relying on me to
find them and offer them eternal life.

This calling is one of importance and urgency. I can't wait to see
what's in store for us this next week. I know and can testify that the
more we give to our mission, the more we get in return. The more of
our self we lose to this amazing work, the more we find ourselves. I
want nothing more in this life than to forever be on The Lords errand.
I love this with all my heart.

I'll see you soon. Have an amazing week. GodSpeed.

-Elder Schaefer

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