Monday, March 21, 2016

WEEK 37 Rohnert Park 3rd Ward/Rohnert Park Spanish Branch-  

#1: Free Pancake Day at iHop. Of course we jumped on the opportunity.
#2: The food that Maritza, Floralba, and Danny prepared for us. I had
never tried Columbian food, but it was delicious.
#3: Lunch with the sweet Columbian family.
#4 & #5: You know it's a good day when...👍🏼

**This email is from last week. I didn't quite get the opportunity to
send this email out due to one of my companions accidentally giving
himself a slight tear of the hamstring. Elder Perez is fine now, but
he needed some medical attention, which meant we were no longer in
range with Wifi. So, without further description... Week 37: Elder

Family and Friends,

I don't have much to share this week other than something that I feel
is the most delicate and promising lesson a person can learn. It
certainly wrought a miracle upon me even though I feel as if I've
barely even scratched the surface of such a deep matter. By no means
was it special, or out of the ordinary, but my experiences this week
provided as a teaching that will last a lifetime and guide me
throughout the rest of my mission.

Our dependency on The Lord is one of the most important things that we
can master throughout this mortal journey of discipleship. We can in
no way completely learn from, and grow in our experiences here on
earth without the presence and spirit of The Lord by our side. For
something that money can't buy, a businessman couldn't sell you, nor
could a person give to you - carrying the mantle of the spirit is a
blessing from God. He has promised that--with its companionship--it
will carry us to the destinations that we have only dreamt about and
it will put is in places that we never could've gotten to on our own.
I know and can testify that these spiritual heights are of far more
worth than any tangible item, calling, or personal achievement that is
attainable in this life.

Now, we can widdle our way through. We can struggle, go through
hardships, and constantly be in a very different state of what some
people call "happiness". We may also be somewhat successful in terms
of worldly matters, but until we completely turn all of our thoughts
and deeds unto the eternal deity - we will never fully utilize what
The Lord has intended for us.

This life is a stage of growth, change and development. I'm so
thankful for the blessing it is to be growing, changing and developing
in The Lords service. This has been the greatest and most rich
blessing I've ever received. I'd invite you to reach your full
potential through the blessing of being able to fully depend on our
savior Jesus Christ and loving Heavenly Father.

I love each of you. I'll see you soon. GodSpeed.

-Elder Schaefer

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