Tuesday, January 5, 2016

WEEK 27 Rohnert Park 3rd Ward- 


1: My awesome zone๐Ÿ™Œ๐Ÿผ
2: Believe it or not... There's a "Draper Park" right next to our apartment.
3: My district. Unfortunately there's only a silly picture of us.
4: Packing that UHaul truck FULL.๐Ÿ˜‚

Family and Friends,
With it being the New Year, I've set many resolutions for myself (as
there are countless amounts of things I need to improve on) and one
being that I am "more on top of things" in general. My weekly letters
will no longer be random thoughts, and deep study topics that happened
to come across my mind this week. I want to give a more complete
rundown of everything that has happened - so you all can be along my
side throughout this journey. Hope you all enjoy and don't become
bored while reading. :)

Monday: Woke up & had to deep clean the entire house because apartment
inspections were this week, so that kinda stunk. We were also in a
hurry to get our shopping done so that we could get a head up on
emailing family... But despite the early morning rush, today was so
awesome. I think I might even be bold enough in saying this was my
favorite P-Day while having been out on the mission. A member in our
ward (Brother Harumi) put on a big event at our church building for us
missionaries and our investigators to come play basketball, eat TONS
of food, and just hangout. He's a big Samoan guy that is genuinely one
of the best cooks I've ever met in my life, so it made it even better.
In regards to how successful it was - the activity turned out to be so
great. Each companionship of missionaries were all able to build
better relationships with our investigators, so you could say that we
basically killed two birds with one stone. Our investigator (Chaz) who
came to play with us gave me an elbow right to the face, so that felt
wonderful. But, after stuffing our faces & playing basketball for a
couple hours, we had to hurry home to shower and get ready for our
dinner appointment. It's pretty safe to say that I literally almost
fell asleep while eating. I was BEAT. But that's okay. It made for
some good laughs on the car ride home. Ha just kidding. My companion
doesn't talk in the car. Or talk EVER. Like, EVER. So, we just
finished the night going around and visiting people.

Tuesday: Not a bad day at all. This morning we had district meeting
and unfortunately with it being the last district meeting of the
transfer - I knew we had to go out with a BANG. I just felt that the
central message needed to be on "Finishing Strong". We talked about
finishing this transfer with no regrets and giving it our very all.
After district meeting, I inspected everybody's cars and made sure
everything was running well. We then proceeded to take district and
zone pictures with our "Title of Liberty" (Alma 46). Afterwords,
everyone else started lunch hour, but Elder Sombke, Elder Thom, Elder
Beeston, and I had different plans. We had a service project
immediately following all of this madness. We sped over to a members
home in our ward and then began packing her WHOLE home into a 17 foot
U-Haul truck. Thankfully, we had Brother Kenworthy there to assist us.
It happened to be one of the funniest things I've ever seen. This
U-Haul truck was packed so tight that there wasn't even a inch of
space to spare. We were laughing hysterically as Brother Kenworthy
played Tetris with all the pieces of furniture and fit them into
places we never could've imagined. After our service we went home,
showered and headed over to the Armours for dinner. This happened to
be a pretty spiritual experience as I was able to bear my testimony
about The Gospel and making my decision to come out on my mission. I
got pretty emotional, but it was a good emotional. Rachel Armour & I
have gotten really close over this past transfer. Our stories are a
bit of the same in terms of her husband not being a member and my dad
not being a member. Chaz & I have also built a bond, so I'm hoping
that he'll allow us to start teaching him the lessons. The night then
ended with some finding.

Wednesday: We're getting closer and closer to transfer news, yet it
seems to be further and further away. Ugh. I can't wait. We started
the day off with our regular studies, and then headed to "shoebox
service". Here, we pack shoeboxes full of toys, hygiene products, and
things of that sort for children that are in need. After Shoebox, we
headed home for lunch and to get ready for the day. We then headed out
to the church to set up Elder Sombke's Facebook and get him rolling
with that. It ended up being a two hour ordeal because he didn't want
to get off of it. He just wanted to keep scrolling and scrolling
through his news feed. Frustrating, but I didn't say much. Soon after
he was done, we headed over to Brother Clites' home for a lesson. He
insisted that instead of a lesson, we sat and listened to Mormon
Tabernacle Choir for an hour. Normally, I would've hated that - but it
turned out to be okay. Following our visit with him, we had dinner
with the Harumi family again. Woooohoooo. I never stop laughing &
smiling at their house because their little girls are hilarious and
Brother Harumi makes me laugh so hard. They're awesome! Elder Sombke
and I left their home that night and had to go for a "drive" around
town and waste some miles on our miles log. We're not trying to get
cut miles this next transfer, so we have to make it look like we've
used them all up. So that's basically how my night ended. A long car
ride on the freeway with the windows completely down... "Just because
Elder Sombke likes the wind flowing through his hair." To some it
might've seemed peaceful, but for those that know me - know that I
HATE the helicopter sound that comes from having the Windows down in a
car going 65 miles an hour & especially when it's 45 degrees out at
night. But it's okay. I'm alive now. I lived to tell the tale.

Thursday: Had another big day filled with service. We started our day
out at a farm. Again, for those who know me... This isn't exactly my
forte. Scraping up poop, digging out fence lines, moving hay, cleaning
out goat pens, slodging around in mud, and trying to do all of this
with a smile?! Yeah. Not fun guys. Not at all. I must tip my cap to
those who've grown up and worked on a farm their whole life. It takes
a special person. But I think I'll be alright one day working in an
office having to deal with incompetent people, rather than dealing
with gross "farm things." Especially Llamas. Don't even get me started
on those. They literally might have to be the ugliest things on the
face of the planet. No joke. But before I get too far on a tangent,
lemme finish up the day. We left the farm service to help Sister
Rudiak clean out and move stuff around her storage unity. We got
dirty. But it was fun. After cleaning up at home and heading out to
work, we drove to Brother Wendels home and shared a message with him.
Immediately after our visit, I got a call (from the Sister Training
Leader in my district), saying that we were needed. A missionary in
our district had just got news that someone in her family had just
passed away that day. So, we basically canceled ALL appointments for
the rest of the night (including dinner) and headed over to help
console her. Elder Sombke and I also went and bought all of her
favorite treats for her and brought them over to the church. She
seemed to be doing a lot better than we thought, but she asked me to
give her a blessing of comfort. As I laid my hands on her head, I felt
a prompting in which I've never felt before. Far too personal to share
on here, but I'm just thankful for the power of the priesthood. It
truly works miracles. I'm thankful Heavenly Father has given me the
authority to act in his name, and perform things that he would do...
Had he been there in that moment. There wasn't a better way to end the

Friday: HAPPY NEW YEARS! Doesn't feel a bit different to me, but I
hope you all had tons of fun for me. Today really wasn't anything
special. We did our Weekly Planning, and of course that was awful.
Elder Sombke didn't do a single thing because he just assumed he was
"leaving the area, and didn't need to be doing anything for the next
couple days." So, that was fun considering I planned the upcoming week
ALL BY MYSELF. No biggie though. We got it done. For the rest of the
today, I was super super super sick, so we didn't do much. I felt
absolutely awful, so we just went out and did some finding. I think
Heavenly Father really was testing my patience tonight.

Saturday: Went over to Rachel Armours home this morning and sorted
through baby clothes with her. She's really the greatest lady in the
whole world. I love her so much. After sorting through clothes for a
couple hours, she insisted on taking us to lunch at a local Taqueria.
It ended up being the best burrito I've ever had in my life, so that
was neat. After lunch with Rach, we went over to our investigators
home (Diane) & "heart attacked" her door. We wrote on a BUNCH of
sticky notes, and stuck them to the front door of her home. They
happened to just be fun little notes that she would see & know we were
thinking about her. We've got an appointment with her this coming
Thursday, and we are going to ask her to be baptized so I'm super
excited for that. The rest of today ended up being very unproductive
because all my companion wanted to do was hangout at the church and
play on Facebook. So, as he sat there and continued to sit there for a
good two and a half hours - I decided it was enough. I whipped out our
phone, and just started cold calling people. People I've never even
met in my life or seen before. I just got their phone numbers from the
area book and dialed them up. It was a little awkward at first, but I
embraced it. I wasn't going to sit there and waste my time with him
anymore. After this joy of an experience, we ended up heading over to
the Lavulo home and taught them a lesson. They're so great. I feel as
if they're literally my family. We challenged them to making some
"spiritual resolutions" this upcoming year. I told them I'm gonna
follow up with them on their goals, so that'll be fun. Tonight we also
got Transfer News, and as predicted - IM STAYING HERE! Wahoooo! My new
companion will be Elder Thomas. Elder Sombke is OUT.

Sunday: My most favorite day. As it was for you, we had fast Sunday
today. Elder Sombke & I got up to bare our testimonies today. The
spirit was so strong and there was an undeniable truth in my heart
that this is the true church of Christ. I just know it. In this
Sacrament Meeting, I felt that I had never before been that happy in
my life. It's quite weird. It's just brings pure joy knowing I'm a
part of something that is so accurate and depicts the very structure
that Christ forged while he walked this earth. In every essence,
quality, and standard that this faith was founded upon - the common
theme is predicated with one eternal purpose. Returning to and
becoming like our Savior Jesus Christ. He paved the way. He set the
trail. With much to give in return, all He asks is that we follow in
His footsteps. Do as He would. Provide as He would. Our church allows
us to do so. With the guidelines that've been set, we can receive true
happiness for time and all eternity. I'm thankful for this knowledge.
I'm thankful for this Sunday and the opening of mind that came from
attending church today. The rest of our day could not nearly compare
to this experience, but it was spent in good company visiting those
who would say their last goodbyes with Elder Sombke.

Again, very sorry for the long letter. My intentions are not to bore
you with my "day to day schedule", but I do feel that this provides
for a better summary of what happens during our week. Spiritual
occurrences happen on a daily basis, but some are so minuscule that
(to some) they seem very irrelevant.

I hope you all have some wonderful New Years Resolutions. I certainly
would like to hear about them if you don't mind sharing?!

My love and deepest appreciation goes out to every single one of you.
I'll see you soon. GodSpeed.

-Elder Schaefer

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