Tuesday, December 29, 2015

WEEK 26- Rohnert 3rd Ward
Found these sweet records at a members home. Hope you like those, Dad.
2. Christmas morning opening presents. Kinda look awful, but that's okay.
3. Caroling with our Zone on Christmas morning.
4. FaceTiming family on Christmas Day (Ani was in bed by this time).
5. Fell asleep while weekly planning. Oops.
6. Had to copy Elder Nielsen that is out in Lubbock right now.

Mom add: The picture of a stocking a ward member made for Elder Schaefer. (Lebron)

Family and Friends,
Twas the night before Christmas, and all throughout the house - not a
sleeping Elder to be found, nor even a sleeping mouse. For all the
Elders could think about - were their families at home - and the
festivities that they were missing out. We tossed and we turned - in
hoping that this sacrifice would be worth it no doubt. We then arose -
at 6:30 AM - knowing that in some little time - we will see them once
This was the little poem I wrote this past week on Christmas Day. I
honestly had no intention on putting this in my weekly letter, but I
thought... "Why not?!" People might get a chuckle out of this.
Hahahaha. Now, with much anticipation building up in your hearts, I'll
give the latest news on how things have been here in Ro-Po.

Monday: P-Day. Nothing too special. We did our shopping and then
proceeded to make our way to the church for the regular emailing,
basketball, and hanging out. I had literally no motivation to email
today because I knew I was going to be FaceTiming my family in just a
short amount of time. Following our P-Day activities, we headed out to
dinner with one of our favorite families in the ward. Brother Harumi &
Sister Harumi are from New Zealand & they feed us most wonderfully.
With regular dinner discussions, off on some tangent, Brother Harumi
and I got talking about fitness. We sat and probably talked for an
hour and a half. Oops. But it's alright. I explained to him my whole
story with John Madsen and all the training I've done in my life and
how it's truly my passion. I was able to give him some pointers and
give advice to help him achieve his goals. It was very refreshing to
have had this conversation with him and it made me so happy.
#TenderMercy. After dinner we headed out to find some people and
that's how the night pretty much ended.

Tuesday: By far the most spiritual day of the week. We had district
meeting today and it was such a blessing in many more ways than just
one. I had been earnestly praying recently to know what I could share
in my meeting that would help and benefit our district. I decided that
I needed to be teaching from the talk "Mountains to Climb" by
President Eyring. It turned out to be absolutely amazing. We all
walked out BAWLING because of the intensity of the spirit. I was so
relieved to know that the revelation I received was exactly what my
district needed. My testimony was strengthened to know that Heavenly
Father certainly does give revelation that pertains to how we can help
those around us. After district meeting, we had a day full of canceled
appointments which meant we were left with not much to do. Later that
night, we went and visited the Garcia family (recent converts) and
read the story of The Saviors birth with them. Very much so a sweet
experience as well.

Wednesday: Elder Sombke and I argued a lot today. That kinda sucked,
but we made it through. I think the both of us woke up on the wrong
side of the bed - which meant we couldn't come to an agreement ON
ANYTHING with one another. We went to teach an inactive member in
which we read The Book of Mormon with in every one of our visits.
During our visit with him, I was admiring his music collection and it
reminded me greatly of my dad. He had the same sorts of tastes in
music as my dad, and I insisted on going through his music collection.
Found some pretty cool records. So that was fun. For dinner we had a
member drop of Burger King for us. I'm gonna leave this up to you to
determine how "delicious" this meal was. Following our delight of a
meal, we headed out to the streets in search of those that The Lord
had prepared for us. Not much success, but we did give our efforts.

Thursday: Hard day. Really, really hard day. I was more homesick today
than I've ever been. I wanted to go home, and hangout with my family.
I felt alone, lost, and very frustrated. We couldn't find success in
working, so I resorted to eating In n Out Burger for lunch. That made
the feelings subside for a bit while I sunk my teeth into a Double
Double, but the feelings continued once I finished that masterpiece.
We decided to brighten our spirits and no longer sit in somber
feelings. I insisted that we go caroling and sing songs to members in
our ward. It ended up being SUPER FUN. I think it might've even
sounded a bit like the Mormon Tabernacle Choir?! Or maybe I was just
thinking this while trying to make my tone deaf voice sound better. I
don't remember. But it's alright. It was Christmas Eve, and I wasn't
gonna let a bad voice hold me back. While returning home from
Caroling, a storm kicked in. And when I say storm, I mean raindrops
the size of ice cubes. It was CRAZY. But without hesitation, Elder
Sombke and I quickly pulled over the car, zipped up our jackets, and
helped a random guy at his home finish raking up the leaves in his
front yard. We came home SOAKED from head to toe, but we knew what we
had done was good. We dried off our shoes, white shirts, pants, and
socks - and headed out to dinner. This night for dinner we went over
to the Piombo household (another one of our favorite families) and
hung out there for the rest of the night. We talked, laughed, shared
stories, and even played a couple games. It felt very "at home" for
me, and brought some peace.

Friday: CHRISTMAS!!!!! YAHHHOOOOO! Today was the best day I've had in
a while. We woke up Christmas morning, opened presents with all the
Elders in our apartment, and then quickly got ready to head out for
some more Caroling. We headed to an old folks home and walked the
halls while singing songs of praise to our Savior Jesus Christ. What a
sweet and tender experience this was to see all the older folk tear up
as we walked passed, shook their hands, offered warm remarks, and
wished them a Merry Christmas. I LOVED THIS. But the best part of the
whole day was indeed the time in which I was given to FaceTime my
family. AHHHHH! This was the best thing on the entire planet. I ended
up being pretty emotional and couldn't keep myself together. I guess I
just never realized how much I missed them. After hanging up with
them, I felt some sadness, but then was quickly distracted by the
needs of the people around us. Thankfully, we were able to go give a
blessing, and help a family in our ward. What a wonderful day this

Saturday: Woke up with a little bit of a "FaceTime hangover." All I
wanted to do was get back in contact with my family and talk some
more. It wasn't too bad, though. We had interviews today with
President Wright. I can't begin to express my feelings of love for
that dear man. He's really the most jolly, and happy man in the world.
I absolutely adore him and his wife. Don't even get me started on
Sister Wright. She's beyond amazing. I literally look forward to
talking with her every other transfer. She's so great. After
interviews, we had a weekly planning session and planned for this
upcoming week. I got Chipotle for lunch, so that was BOMB as usual.
But other than that, It was boring and I kinda felt sick so I fell
asleep for a bit. Oops. We had dinner this night with the sweet Smith
family in our ward, and they so graciously made us our favorite
"Christmas deserts" that our families made us while back home. It was
such an amazing thing to cap off the day with a Peppermint Milkshake,
and a lesson with this family. They're AWESOME!

Sunday: Had our Ward Council Meeting and also had church today. This
is now beginning to be my favorite day of the week. I'm so thankful
each week to partake of the Sacrament and become clean from all my
sins and infirmities. I feel that I'm literally living from Sunday to
Meeting. It's just so amazing! We also did some more finding today,
got in contact with a less active member, and also set up some
appointments with our investigators. It was such a great day in terms
of missionary work.

In conclusion - It was a pretty good week. Nothing huge happened, but
I certainly believe that all these small and tender mercies from The
Lord can make such a difference. I invite you to look for The Lords
hand in your life more often. Think about the times in which you've
felt furthest from him. Think about all that's been troubling you
lately. But don't forget to think about where He was. How He helped &
how He made things better. EVEN IF IT SEEMED THAT HE WASN'T ALONG YOUR

I testify to you that He always is. He always will be there for us. He
takes us through things and gives us trials because He knows that we
can only grow from hard things. Life wasn't meant to be easy. "No
Gall, No Glory."

I love you all dearly. I hope Christmas was amazing and this New Year
brings you great joy. I'll catch you on the flip side.

-Elder Schaefer

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