Tuesday, November 17, 2015

WEEK 20- Fairfield 2nd Ward

1: This was the best part of the whole entire week. My favorite dude came down from Vacacille to attend Jason's baptism. We were able to be
witnesses for Jason, and be a part of his confirmation. Such a
spiritual experience, yet it brought me so much joy to see my partner
in crime again. I love Elder Achal so much. We took a picture with
Jason before he entered into the waters of baptism and started his
journey back to living with his Heavenly Father again.

#2: These are all the Elders in our zone. We took a funny picture
together while attending a conference at our Stake Presidents house.
Yes, it does look like I'm strangling one of our Zone Leaders

Family and Friends,
Yet another weekly letter coming at you from Fairfield, California.
This marks week five of my third transfer out in the mission field and
we've only got one more week to go. These past five weeks have been a
crazy ride to say the least. It feels like only yesterday that Elder
Smittenaar and I were first meeting each other and becoming
acquainted. The time has absolutely flown by, but I'm definitely
impressed with the great work we've done together, and all the
progress we've made in fulfilling our purpose. Despite the crazy
amounts of fun and amazing miracles I've witnessed in serving here, it
looks as if my days are numbered in Fairfield. I've been earnestly
praying that Heavenly Father keeps me in this area because I feel that
there's just a few more things I need to finish before I head out.

In a recent Zone Conference we had with our Mission President, we
talked a lot about the importance of using members in our missionary
work and really bringing to pass the quote we often hear - "every
member a missionary." The First Presidency in the church is really
putting an emphasis on using members to help fellowship, and work with
investigators that the missionaries have. I've taken it upon myself to
head up a little project here in our stake. This project consists of
two aspects that I really believe will fulfill the need that The First
Presidency set out. First, I coordinated with every ward in our
Fairfield Stake and we are going to have our event every third
Thursday of the month. I'm calling it the "Splits-Blitz." All the
missionaries in our zone will congregate together and go on splits
with the members of our stake. In this effort I hope to target the
younger members of the wards. We will try to get them to go on splits
with the missionaries and see what mission life is like, and how great
it really is. I certainly believe this will motivate and get the
teenagers thinking about missions in their near future. Second, I have
created a ward roster in which will be passed around relief society
and priesthood meetings throughout the duration of church. On this
roster, members are able to fill out dates and times in which they'd
be willing to come be present at our lessons with us, and help provide
as a support to us missionaries as we teach our investigators. This is
more targeted towards the older people in our ward that may be able to
work with us in furthering the work of The Lord here in Fairfield. I'm
so excited to get this ball rolling and to see the success of our
Stake as we all fulfill that expectation - "every member a
missionary." Bishop Long (of my ward) has asked that I speak in
Sacrament Meeting this coming Sunday and address the new project that
we're heading up. I'm so very excited to see how this all pans out.

This project took up the majority of our week, but we were still able
to have another awesome week full of miracles. Here's some of the
-One of our investigators (Etella) has been coming to church for the
past two weeks in a row and she plans to be baptized very soon. We are
going to set a baptismal date with her on Wednesday. From the very
first time I met Etella, I had a sort of an epiphany in which I saw
myself baptizing this sweet woman. I really hope I get to see this
through and baptize her because she's truly one of God's chosen people
for these last days. She's so beyond amazing and willing to accept
everything we teach her.
-Another one of our new investigators (Linda. No, not the same Linda
as a couple months ago) has accepted our challenge in reading the Book
of Mormon and praying about it. We plan to meet with her later this
week and follow up with how it went. She seems to really be taking the
lessons well and enjoying our messages.
-We got permission from our mission president to play basketball with
a HUGE group of non-members this week (not on P-Day) for a couple of
hours in hopes that it would provide some sort of missionary work. To
our surprise it did, and we were able to teach one of the non-members
a lesson. This person has never before let a companionship of
missionaries into his home. But, not only did we teach him... He
showed up to church this week with his family.
-We had a baptism this past Saturday that has been in the works for a
couple months now that has been post-poned for personal reasons. When
Elder Achal & I were together, we found an inactive family in our area
with a young boy named Jason who hadn't yet been baptized. Since then
we had gone to teach all the lessons to him and his family. They
started to come to church and become active again. His baptism was
held this past Saturday and I'm so thankful we were able to finally
get this done. My favorite part of the whole baptism was that Elder
Achal got approval to come and attend the baptism. I was so glad to
see him. I hugged him just about 4 times. I love and miss him more
than anything. Oh & Elder Smittenaar got peed on by a dog that same
night, so that was kind of funny. Hahahaha

I really am so thankful to have seen such success in this area. I'm so
thankful for the opportunities Heavenly Father has blessed me with in
helping build His kingdom. Really, this is the greatest and most
profound thing I've ever been a part of. I'm especially grateful to
know that all my brothers are doing the same thing in different places
on the globe. I continually pray for their success and strength in
everything they do. What we take part in is such a blessing to our

My testimony of this Gospel is one of simplicity. It's true. There's
nothing more to it. I am promising and testifying to all those that
read this message - What we have is true. I love you all so much and I
invite you to take part in the wonderful blessings that come from
living Gospel centered lives. The Lord keeps his word in blessing
those that do what he says. I know this and believe this with my whole

I'll see you guys soon. Be safe & hold to the Iron Rod. GodSpeed.❤️

-Elder Schaefer

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