Monday, October 5, 2015

WEEK 14 Fairfield 2nd Ward

Family and Friends,
What a week it has been! I know I'm pretty consistent in saying this
every week - but I really can't believe I'm writing to you all again.
Unfortunately we are heading into Week 6 of my second transfer - which
means Elder Achal and I are probably gonna get split up. He's been in
the Fairfield area for 6 months now, and that's about the most they
keep missionaries in a single area. I'm very sad he's leaving, but
we're gonna make this upcoming week the best one yet.

As far as investigators go, we've certainly declined a bit as there
has been some drama within the Fairfield 2nd Ward. Even though there's
been some issues, Elder Achal and I have chosen to rise above it and
keep our head down and our feet moving. One of the coolest lessons
we've ever taught as a companionship took place this week. We visited
a kid named Joseph and his brother Vick. These are by far the two
coolest kids I've ever met. They're both 17 year old kids that came
from Africa and are now living with their grandma here in California.
They're the two most loving and nice people you'll ever meet in your
lives. We've been teaching them for a couple months now, and they LOVE
the gospel. They have a couple problems with the Word of Wisdom, but
we are working on that with them. The spirit was SO strong in the last
lesson we shared with them. For the closing prayer we asked Vick to
offer the prayer and he just started BAWLING. He couldn't contain
himself. We stood up and hugged him after the prayer and all they
could do was thank us for the spirit we brought. It was such a cool
experience. I will forever remember the feeling and the spirit that
was present in this lesson.

We do a lot of inactive member work here as well, so there's been a
ton of that within the past week. This happens to be the majority of
our missionary work and it's often times very redundant, but luckily
we have a car to drive us around and see these people because without
it - we probably wouldn't be able to see 1/3 amount of people that we
do. It's been such a blessing to us in helping invite these
less-active members come out to church. Getting inside their homes is
very hard because it just so happens that we always "happen to catch
them at a bad time". But that's alright. Maybe we will catch them at a
"good time" in this upcoming week. ;)

Elder Achal & I have also been teaching this part member family that
hasn't come to church in 8 or so months. We've really been working
with them to get to church and encouraging their 8 year old son
(Jason) to get baptized. In our lessons it's very hard to keep their
focus and attention, but we set a baptismal date for Jason on November
14th. Not only did we set this baptismal date, but they've also come
to church consecutively for the past 3 weeks. They only stay for
sacrament meeting, so we are gonna try this week to get them to stay
for all three hours. I guess sacrament meeting is better than nothing
- but we really think Jason would do well in our CTR8 Class. I'll keep
you updated on how that goes.

Conference was AMAZING this past weekend. Admittedly it was kinda hard
for me being away from home (and not being able to watch it with my
family) but I happened to get a lot more out of it. I don't know -
maybe it was the fact that I wasn't all snuggled up on the couch with
tons of good food sitting in front of me?! ;) that just called for
disaster back home. Hahaha but with all seriousness, I really got a
TON out of conference. My favorite session happened to be the Saturday
Morning Session. I wrote a ton of notes down regarding this session,
but these are some of the things that I found most profound:
-Living The Gospel doesn't need to be complicated. It's very straight
forward, and we need to simplify our approach in living it to our best
-Your resentment diminishes your progress in The Gospel. Yielding to
The Lords way is THE ONLY way to progressing in The Gospel.
-Ask The Lord often during prayers... "What am I lacking?" And with a
generous sincere heart, The Spirit will show us our weaknesses and
tell us what we can improve on. We need to be willing to act upon
these answers.
-The path of discipleship is not an easy one, but traveling on the
straight and narrow path will bring steady progression to becoming who
"he wants us to be".
-If we live faithful lives, we will not miss out on any blessings that
we COULD'VE had, if we would've done a little better in this life.
-"Wickedness never was happiness." Even though it may provide with
immediate pleasure, it will not provide happiness in the future.
-If we are there for The Lord, then he will be there for us with the
things we stand in need of and ask from him.
I found these things to be the most interesting and most applicable to
my life. I invite you to ask yourself and try to find words from the
prophet and apostles that may most be beneficial to your eternal
salvation and happiness. I promise and testify that in listening to
the advice and wisdom shared by these wonderful men & women - it can
only make us happier. It can only make us better. It's only for our
benefit. I promise and testify of these things to you and any other
things that The Lord sees fit for you in your life. I do so in the
Sacred name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

Again, I miss you all to the most full extent. I'm so thankful for the
love and support that each of you have shown throughout these three
months. The packages, letters, and emails have been such an
inspiration and motivation to me. I'm continuing to press forward and
trust that good things will come. For what has happened thus far, I
feel extremely blessed. I pray that all of you continue to receive the
blessings of heaven. I love you all so very much.

I'll see you soon. 21 more months. GodSpeed.

-Elder Schaefer

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