Monday, September 28, 2015

WEEK 13- Fairfield 2nd Ward
Family & Friends,

Hello. Hello. Hello. This week was full of miracles. I've never before
experienced so many "tender mercies" from Heavenly Father. Nor have I
ever been so happy with how things are going here in the field. We are
now entering Week 5 of my 2nd transfer of being in the Fairfield 2nd
Ward. I can't begin to explain how much I love this ward.  I have
grown such a strong love for this area and the people within it. Not
only the members, but also everybody that I've come in contact with. I
can't help but to think about the scriptures in the book of Alma. In
Chapter 31, Alma starts up a mission to "reclaim the apostate
Zoramites" that are living in the area. Often times throughout this
chapter he exclaims his love and care for the Zoramite people. He
prays to Heavenly Father about their iniquities and is truly pained at
the thought of such wickedness being among the great people he is
around. I often times find myself feeling just as Alma did about the
people I am teaching. I find myself in a feeling of frustration and
pain of the wickedness among the people of Fairfield, California. I
hate when we are turned away and we aren't able to share our message
of eternal happiness. I have the urge to share this message with the
world because I know how happy it makes me - but it isn't quite
humanly possible. It's very discouraging at times, but I know that
every other missionary out in the field is experiencing the same thing
I am. I'm very thankful for my brothers that are serving in different
areas than I am, and "bringing the world His truth" because I know
it's the only thing that will enable people to truly become happy.
That's all we want. Bringing the joy to others that we receive from
this Gospel.

Finding happiness isn't very hard out here in the mission field.
There's so many little things that happen that Elder Achal & I laugh
about. Some of the funnier things that happened this week were:
-One of our investigators fell asleep during our lesson. Yes, and it
wasn't apparent to us until we asked him a couple questions and he
never responded. Oh, & did I forget to say HIS EYES WERE OPEN THE
WHOLE TIME? He fell asleep with his eyes open. That was hilarious.
-The worker at Cold Stone has a crush on Elder Achal. Oh & he's a guy,
so that's kinda weird. But funny because we tease him about it.
-I almost killed us in the car the other day because I drove on a road
into oncoming traffic. Hahahaha Yeah. I really needa get used to the
roads out here. It's way different from home.
-A family in our ward started arguing with each other while we were at
dinner with them, so Elder Achal & I just sat there and slurped our
spaghetti very very quietly. This one wasn't as funny as it was
awkward, but we had a good laugh about it.

The laughs have made the work a lot easier out here. We have been
teaching a lot of lessons to members this week because they scheduled
us to come over. This wasn't one of our busier weeks, but again we did
a ton of service. Service is a good time for us to help people and
build relationships with those that aren't members. We try building
relationships with people and getting to know them so they don't think
we are just "throwing the gospel on them". It's been a blessing to
serve those who have a negative outlook on missionaries and prove to
them we are here to help, not here to just simply baptize them a
member of our church.

I'm so thankful for all the support and love I've received over the
past couple weeks. I can't describe how much I miss all of you, but I
know the day of my return will be well worth it. Email me. I wanna
hear from all you.

I'll see you soon. Well, pretty soon. GodSpeed.

-Elder Schaefer

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