Wednesday, September 2, 2015

WEEK 9- Fairfield 2nd Ward

Family and Friends, 

This week has been the best, most eventful week of my mission thus far. I have had more fun than ever had before. (I also haven't ever had this many doors slammed in my face than this week, but that's beside the point.)  I'm starting to really love being out here in Fairfield, California. Despite the disgustingly ugly “golden hills” that surround us, we are starting to be able to find the true beauty of devoting two years of our time and effort to The Lord. The spirit has never been so strong in my life, and I haven't felt it quite to this extent ever before. I can't believe how richly The Lord has blessed me this week. Here's a quick run down of what went on. :)

We picked up two new investigators that are SO ready for the gospel. Sasha and Armand are their names. We taught lessons to each of them individually and asked them about baptism. Both are on board with eventually becoming baptized after being taught a little more. This was such a reward and made me so happy because prior to us finding them, we had been tracting for about 3 hours with no success. They were literally a diamond in the rough. We happened to be tracting in the most ghetto part of town this night, and found these great people. I've never seen somebody yearn for the gospel more than they do. It's going to be so exciting to see their progression and hopefully become converted unto Christ.

I went on a 3 day exchange with Elder Adamson this week as well. He's my best friend out here in the mission field. We are SOOOO much alike in every way you could imagine. It really surprises me how much we are alike. He is from Utah as well... Played Lacrosse at Timpanogas High School. We sit and talk about life, family, girlfriends, sports, missionary work, and everything in between. He's the coolest kid ever. I love him to death. Fortunately for me, he is also staying in the Fairfield area, so we are gonna be in the same district for another 2 months.  We laugh so hard together and it makes me feel like I'm at home with my friends. We'd be a great companionship.

The news came in Saturday afternoon... I will be staying another transfer in Fairfield, California. I am so glad The Lord kept me here, and trusts me enough to further his work in this area. There are a great amount of people in our ward that I will certainly miss upon leaving. I have grown so close to our investigators as well as their families. Elder Achal is also staying in Fairfield, so he will be my follow-up trainer. We get along pretty well and are excited for what's in store for us in the near future. He's super into lifting and nutrition, so we've kept each other in GREAT shape. We workout together every night and are on the path to getting HUUUGEEEE.

Not only have we been rewarded with investigators and lessons this week, but some members in our ward bought us Penguin Ties, Arvo Watches, Scriptures, Gift Cards, and bread. Yes, you read that right. Bread. You give bread to those you love.  Members here will do anything for missionaries. We love it.

Anyways... I'm loving it out here.  Really, it has been so much fun. I pray that the time continues to fly by, and the work continues to be strenuous. We are out here to work, grow, and become men. I am certainly seeing the results too. I feel like I've already come a long way from where I was upon entering the MTC. I pray The Lord continues to provide me with experiences to grow and become the person I'm intended to be. The Lord blesses those whom are obedient to his commandments and heed to the council of the Prophets and Apostles. I know this for certainty and I invite you to try it for yourselves. Look for opportunities to “tune up” those loose screws in your lives, and submit your will to The Lord. The outpouring of blessings will far exceed any personal growth you can do on your own. I promise and testify to the truthfulness of it. I've seen it in my own life. I've experienced it first hand out here in the field. (Isaiah 5:25) “... For all this his anger is not turned away, but his hand is stretched out still.” The Lord's hand is constantly stretched out to us. He's there for our benefit, not our downfall. It's dependent upon us whether or not we are willing to take it.
I love and miss you all S'MUCH. God be with you until we meet again. 22 more months. That's all we've got. See you soon.

-Elder Schaefer

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