Monday, August 10, 2015

WEEK 4- Fairfield 2nd Ward

No group email today... (A few of us were able to email back and forth with Austen for about an hour this afternoon. It was a joy.) 

I did want you all to know that Elder Schaefer is doing WONDERFUL. 
He said he is starting to lose himself in the work and it's making things a lot easier.  He said he has laughed harder, and had more fun this week than than he has ever had. 
He is incredibly grateful for the prayers being offered on his behalf.  He feels the love, and was incredibly appreciative. 
Below is the short email he did send.  Along with a beautiful photo of the Oakland Temple.


Hi guys. This week has been so wacky and crazy.  I'm sorry I don't have a group email to send out.  Our Mission President planned for our district to take a trip to the Oakland Temple today.  Instead of having our regular P-Day yesterday, he had us go out and work.  We were given only about 4 hours in total today for ourselves.  He combined our trip to the temple and our P-Day all into one afternoon. Wonderful, I know.  :)

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